Collection Management

A Helping Hand For Your Healthcare Receivables

The revenue cycle chain is extensive. From front office channels such as patient access to back-end write-off, a myriad of areas exists in which to concentrate core competencies. Paragon Revenue Group chooses to specialize in two areas of revenue cycle need. Early-Out/Self-Pay Call Center Collection and both Primary and Secondary Collections.

You Deserve a Business Partner You Can Trust

Upon account placement, our proprietary system scours notes while simultaneously scanning patient demographics with automated eligibility tools. Verification of insurance coverage is then checked against diagnosis to ensure a billable claim. Highly-trained and incentivized reps work through organized queues for insurance wait dates to check against timely filing requirements and assist our customer service reps so they can focus on providing exceptional service to your customers. Experienced healthcare call center representatives can easily explain itemized statements, deductibles and other common billing questions that may come up during a call. Our unparalleled customer-service and collections teams augment any revenue cycle initiative no matter how small or large the need. In addition, we can deliver timely billing statements and payment reminders via paper correspondence, email or text messaging, allowing hospitals to take advantage of cost-savings while offering their customers patient friendly communication.

Healthcare Focused. Recovery Driven.

When you choose to outsource, the transition should be as seamless as possible for you and your patients. Many of our specialists began their careers in healthcare, and bring a wealth of knowledge related to the re-billing of insurance and explanation of charges to your customers. Our call center specialists empathize with patients, while coordinating financial arrangements that facilitate payment. Through their healthcare focused experience, they isolate charity accounts, explain each hospital’s financial assistance policy in accordance with 501r mandates, identify potential sources of payment and resolution, and deliver excellence in customer service throughout the call. Some of the largest for-profit health systems and not-for-profit health systems in the country have chosen Paragon Revenue Group, not for the size of our staff, but for the consistent results we deliver.

We commit to providing a seamless transition to outsourcing. Working in the name of our Clients, we practice compassionate communication, leaving their brands untarnished while still achieving profitable end results.


Our hospital is like many today where boosting self-pay revenue requires extensive follow-up. Paragon not only assisted in lowering our days, but made the process stress-free.